Fight for Intellectualism

By: Mc. Vareiyo

It’s high time that we come out of our comfort zone like Moses of the Bible, to lead our own people. We have to volunteers ourselves in taking initiatives as modern-day ‘Moses’ to enlighten and to free our people from the bondage of ignorance, which is a death-knell of our society, from the calamities, crisis and from the guiles of government. We don’t need a modern gadget of artillery or our physical strength to fight, but we only have to fight a good fight with our own cognitive knowledge and wisdom. We youth have the potential to ignite our society and life up our community up to the expectation of a global level.

This fight that I am talking about is not of flesh and blood but the fight of intellectualism. So in order to win this fight should be equipped with intellectual warfare. Now the question is how to get this warfare? There is a multiplicity of ways to discover it but up to the catch of my understanding, one should get it from his own school of thought i.e the utility of one’s brain or an exercise of one’s thought. This doesn’t mean that only the learned or an educated person can be a part of this fight, starting right from the kids to the ed until a person goes beneath the willow. I realize that one of the greatest tools to win this fight is IDEALISM. There is nothing called best idea in my dictionary, I regard and give equal importance to every idea but each idea has its own logic and to understanding this logic we don’t need to have a great sense but simple to use our common sense. So you don’t need to wait for yourself to become a great person to use your ideas or to inculcate your ideas to other fellow beings. But your ideas must be relevant to the present time and times to come. One’s ideas must have both qualitative as well as quantitative applicability for the society and for every living creature under the sun. my assumption is that the one who knows the perfect utilities of ideas will dominate the others and ideas are like atom bombs, which can explode and even destroy the prevailing system of the world. If we are not idealistic then the other societies will play with us a game of amusement, which I would also like to call as lurk fooling game and then will plunder away our treasures.

We have an excellent idea but we are unable to use them in a productive way. So our ideas are used by others who are idealistic and intelligent and are making a living out of it. Our society has a closer relationship with the natural environment and has excellent knowledge about nature has been stripped away from us by outsiders and apply it in a global utility and are making a good profession out of it. We have always been behind the actual play so its high time to realise to come out in the mainstream on our own. The world is turning in a ‘U-turn’ that is to say that the world is going back to its original stage. Each and every nation both developed and underdevelopment are concerned about creating a world with a new natural environment, so we can take a lead role in this new phenomenon of creation because we are more friendly towards nature and have a better understanding about nature so let not miss the opportunity of taking a lead role. 

We can act, dress and behave like Westerner but we don’t have thinking like Westerner. As westerners in their past glory were a great explorer and hunter of treasure both materials and non-materials and they still are! They have explored the unexplored world in every nook and corner of this wold and now they have climbed up to the cosmos wold i.e the open space but we remain still the same in the approach of ideas as a hunter of animals in the jungle. It is not our tradition to think for the world but we have to break this tradition of imitation and self-sustainment and must go beyond this boundary of incapability’s and fooling around on the ideas of others. Instead of squandering, we must start thinking with new aptitudes of ideas for our society as well as for the whole world to deals with the contemporary challenging issues of this fast-changing world. Ideas can cross every boundary without any limitations only if its impact is for the welfare of all human being. A few decades ago with sound judgements of knowledge and wisdom regardless of boundaries and limitations William Pettigrew brought us a new concept of life. With this enlightenment, our society was exposed to the other wold so now we have started moving out from our confinement to other parts of the world in order to live the life of our inspiration and as we succeed in our expedition we never look back from where we first stand. There is nothing wrong in it but where ever we are we have to communicate and share our fellow men with new ideas of living and opportunities. As we the world is changing at a fast rate with new models and system, so we have to be equipped wealthily with the prevailing knowledge and wisdom along with our innovative ideas to keep pace with the changing environment along with the times.

When we are unable to adapt to the new situation that arises because of the changes then our society will be enveloped within a blanket of problems for the survivors. Whether you like it or not you have to be a part of a change. As we know that ‘change is an essence of life’ so everything in this world changes i.e. to say we are living in a dynamic world and not of static regardless of Bible which is all time relevantly static. Do you think that our society needs a change? If yes, then we have to start with ‘ideational change’ our ideas must change first in order to change the other, which are paralyzing our society. So ideas are instrumental in bringing about a change and the ideas that we have are potent enough to bring about a change in our society. By sharing our ideas and thoughts, we are forming a network. And I hope if such an idealistic intellectual network exists in our society then it will be an asset of our strength for new intellectual exploration. We have to inculcate our newer generation and the generations to come with our new hunt for idealistic intellectualism so that they can have more treasure to explore in their life to come more than the westerners do and even more than the other societies as well.

I would like to end by saying that God has given all of us good brains without partially to rule the world and to take care of everything in it and if we are unable to take up our responsibilities, then others have to take the privilege in which we must appreciate their initiative instead of complaining or playing the blame game.

Disclaimer: The article Fight for Intellectualism by Mc. Vareiyo was published by A Center for Tangkhul Socio-Historical Research and Documentation (CENTSHIRED) Ukhrul at the bi-monthly journal ‘The Legacy Vol 10, July – August 2011’. You can contact to the writer at

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