The Arek is an online repository journal published in English and Tangkhul languages. The ‘arek‘ is a Tangkhul Naga word which means ‘awor, khangathum awor‘ translated as ‘hidden knowledge’.

The purpose of this journal is to compiles Tangkhul scholarships that are primarily available as research papers, newspapers, archives, narratives, folklores, poets, chansam (proverbs), music and others.

The Arek aims to unravel hidden knowledge that is deeply embedded at the Tangkhul Nagas custom, values, belief and culture.  

It is solely believed that the Arek will hold ethics of plagiarism, ownership of the authors and publishers. 

The Arek is not aiming for any profit-making nor receives anything from any agencies. It is solely for educational purposes and to disseminate knowledge.

The team wish to thank you to our esteem readers for visiting, scanning and reading the Arek. We will be glad if we can receive articles/fieldnotes/poem/stories/pictures that are related to Tangkhul Nagas; we also encouraged native writer’s to continue to write, re-write and to empower Tangkhul knowledge. 

Lastly, we humble requested to any individual or groups that if you felt uploaded materials find you an appropriate. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to hear you and do the things as it will be appropriate.

Mahaimeise ( Wishing Good luck)!!!

The Arek Team